How Does it Work

Functional Explanation

Booster eSaver system represents a comprehensive approach to engine efficiency. The main part of this system is an electronic device for processing diesel fuel that reduces fuel consumption and emissions of pollutants (CO2, NOx, and particulate matter PM10 and PM2.5) from internal combustion engines.

By harnessing the power of the Tesla coil, the device generates high voltage and, through a combination of frequencies, creates an electromagnetic field around the fuel pipe. This process separates and optimizes fuel molecules for unparalleled combustion efficiency.

By acting at the molecular level and thermally enhancing the structure of diesel fuel, compressed air reaches every molecule, heating it evenly, thus creating greater power and torque. In this way, the device enables the engine to utilize up to 99% of the fuel during combustion.

Due to its significantly enhanced efficiency and improved fuel combustion, the Booster eSaver significantly reduces exhaust emissions while also cutting down on

vehicle maintenance costs. The device also notably decreases unplanned downtime by minimizing carbon accumulation.

While the device delivers immediate visible improvements in fuel consumption reduction, realizing the full array of benefits involves more than just incorporating this device. The system's advantages and improvements evolve over time, enabling vehicles to continuously adapt and improve their performance. Beyond merely installing the device, the system is enhanced with a strategy of ongoing engagement. Educating drivers and optimizing driving behaviors are critical components of this system, essential for leveraging the full potential of its benefits.

The financial impact from fuel savings is substantial, complemented by savings on engine oil, which lasts longer due to a cleaner, cooler-running engine and cleaner injectors. This efficiency translates into reduced wear and tear, lower maintenance time and costs, reduced downtime, and significantly longer intervals between servicing.