How Does it Work

Science Behind the Booster eSaver

By harnessing the power of the Tesla coil, the device generates high voltage and, through a combination of frequencies, creates an electromagnetic field around the fuel pipe. This process separates and optimizes fuel molecules for unparalleled combustion efficiency.

By acting at the molecular level and thermally enhancing the structure of diesel fuel, compressed air reaches every molecule, heating it evenly, thus creating greater power and torque. In this way, the device enables the engine to utilize up to 99% of the fuel during combustion.

Booster eSaver is a certified product, tested, and proven in real-world settings. It was tested at the Končar Institute for Electrical Engineering and underwent extensive research and testing in the motor vehicle laboratory at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, confirming the device operates within its minimum technical specifications. The study, signed by Prof. Zoran Lulić.

Scientific testing proves the device's efficiency without any negative effects on the engine. It is approved for installation in all motor vehicles and has received a letter of support from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy in Zagreb.


Independent testing has also been conducted in operational work in Croatia, the USA, Macedonia, and Serbia. Attached to this document is an extensive study by JSP Skopje after a year of using the device on a number of vehicles.

Independent tests commissioned by companies that implemented Booster eSaver confirm our results:

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