Why the Booster?

Cost Savings and Emissions Reduction

The Booster eSaver will save you money. Thats it. No tricks, and no gimmicks. This device will simply and effectively reduce the consumption of fuel for your entire fleet of trucks. This is no miniscule amount we are talking about; we mean real savings in the range of 5%-18% per vehicle. That means that for every $10,000 of gas purchased there would be savings between $500 - $1800. The financial savings also extend to the AdBlue additive. The reduction of fuel usage by the Booster eSaver can reduce the necessity of AdBlue by up to 30%!

The optimization of fuel by the Booster eSaver also results in fewer emissions being generated. Thats right, fewer emissions. Some states and cities have tight guidelines on emission levels for diesel engines. There are two options to take when it comes to regulation compliance. First is to replace older vehicles in the fleet with newer trucks. This can be a difficult pill to swallow, especially when older vehicles are still operating perfectly. The second push has been to upgrade to electric vehicles. The cost of purchasing such a truck is astronomical. Neither cost nor performance makes this a real possibility at this point.

The Booster eSaver will bring new life to your fleet, and not only the incredible reduction of fuel usage and maintenance on your diesel trucks, but by avoiding government red tape by complying with federal, state, and city regulations.